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Terry Boardman


   Welcome to Terry Boardman's Website


This site is placed within the belly of  the  binary beast - the global computer web - with the aim of contributing to an awakening of human thinking to the meaning of the times in which we live.



 writings on social threefolding


understanding threats to freedom in the modern age 


relations between the hemispheres 

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                the significance for the modern world of the mysterious foundling of Nuremberg


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This website will present ideas based on an anthroposophical understanding of the nature of Man and of the worlds in which Man lives.  An 'anthroposophical' understanding means an understanding based on 'the wisdom (sophia) of Man' (anthropos), i.e. the wisdom that IS Man - the wisdom of which Man is made. 

This wisdom is essentially threefold  or, to use an older term, 'trinitarian'. This threefold idea reflects the insight that Man is intrinsically threefold in nature, and, with a ninefold structure (3 x 3) of the human spiritual-physical organism, is placed between the nine dimensions, or 'hierarchies', of the spiritual world and  the ninefold structure of the subterranean regions of the Earth (subnature). This archetypal threefoldness stands in contradistinction to a worldview that sees things in terms of a mere dualism or digital binary system. The binary worldview was increasingly prevalent from the early 17th century, but since the late 20th century, despite its underpinning new electronic technologies, it has finally begun to give ground. 

In the opinion of the author of this website,  the individual who  helped mankind the most during the 20th century towards a new understanding of the human being and the relationship of the human being to the rest of the cosmos was Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), Austrian philosopher, spiritual scientist, educationalist, and very much more. Steiner was a comprehensive genius, a man rather like Aristotle or Confucius. Their ideas, some 80 years after their deaths, were not so very well known throughout the civilised world, but some 1500 years later, it was a different story. It will likely be the same with Steiner. His greatest philosophical work, The Philosophy of Freedom (aka The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. Original title: Die Philosophie der Freiheit) made possible a revolution in thinking that has yet to be recognised.

The words 'Man' and 'mankind' are often used here in preference to 'human being' or 'humanity', for  'Man' -  which is related to Manas (spirit-self) in Sanskrit, Mensch in German, and 'mind' in English  - points to that which is the most precious attribute of all of us, women and men, namely our creative thinking spirit, while the word 'human' refers to that which is of the earth only, denoting what is of a type ('homo'). The phrase 'human being' thus means 'type being' and omits the sapiens which points to the wisdom of Manas.

Terry Boardman is a writer, lecturer, translator and researcher who lives in the West Midlands, Britain. He can be contacted via the above link.



Terry Boardman's writings on social threefolding, social organics, and the Third Way
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"Universal peace will come only when [the] powers have divided the world between themů.or if one nation becomes overwhelmingly superior to the restů.people who can look forward and grasp the essential factors which will govern the future grouping of the nations may be able to exert a profound influence on the political future of the world."     

- Arthur Balfour, British Prime Minister 1902-1905, in a letter to former US President Theodor Roosevelt 1909







      English edition (2006)       Czech edition (2009)




1. At the Birth and Death of a Century

2. Blair's New Britain?

3. Of the Slaughter of Cows and the Softening of Brains

4. On the Death of Diana, "Queen of Hearts"

5. Aspects of the Occult Significance of the Year 1998

6. The Millennium in the Light of Anthroposophy

7. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: The Three Magi at the Crossing of Humanity's Threshold

8. What was the 20th Century?  - An Esoteric Perspective 



9. "The Wounded Cavalier" by William Shakespeare Burton  as a key to understanding British history 



10. Reflections on the movie "Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World"   



11. Where is the UK Bound (1) ?   



12. Where is the UK Bound (2) ?   



13. The Enigma of Canon XI - The 'Abolition' of the Spirit: the Year 869 and its Significance  in the Destiny of Europe  



14. Understanding Our Time  (1)  



15. Understanding Our Time (2)  



16. Harry Patch and the Panther's Claw


17. 2012, Zecharia Sitchin and Pan-Babylonianism  


18. Saturn Returns.... 




THE CATACLYSM OF SEPT 11 2001 (1: Sept-Oct 2001)

THE CATACLYSM OF SEPT 11 2001 (2: Nov 2001)




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I would that every soul

would kindle a spark  from Cosmic Spirit and become a flame, 

fierily unfolding the very essence of its Self.

 Others would draw from Cosmic Waters and quench the flames 

to liquidate all inward Self.  

 O joy, when the human flame  is blazing, even there when at rest.

O bitterness, when the human 'thing'  is bound there where it would active be.

                                                                         Rudolf Steiner - 1925

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